Our Worship Leader

Jayme Green  Worship Leader  jayme@centralparkcc.org

Jayme grew up in the small town of Bedford,

in southwest Iowa. He was raised in a very strong

Christian home and grew up in the Church. Two

things took hold of Jayme at an early age, a deep

love for Jesus Christ and a nearly-as-deep love

for music. He became a Christian at the age of sixand was taught to play guitar by his grandfather while in elementary school. Jayme attended First Baptist Church in Bedford while growing up and played in several bands throughout his teen years and young adulthood. He attended Iowa State University and earned a History Degree in 1999. After college, the Lord used a series of events and people to lead him to Kansas, where he eventually began a career in Law Enforcement. That career ultimately led him to Topeka where he began attending Northland Christian Church.


Jayme became involved in the worship ministry at Central Park Christian Church after moving with Tim and a large family of people from Northland in 2004. He started as a guitar player under worship leader, Jeremy Albert. When Jeremy moved on to a new church home, Jayme moved up to the front of the band and began leading services as a vocalist and guitarist under worship director, Cory Zipperle. In 2010, God again led Jayme on the next step and opened the door for him to become the worship leader and assume the responsibilities of not only leading service, but planning and organizing worship as well.


Jayme lives in Topeka with his wife, Megan and two sons, Dalton and Rhys. He continues to play music both in church and outside, occasionally playing solo acoustic shows or leading the hard rock band, Invictus. When he’s not making music or chasing kids, he works as a corporal for the Topeka Police Department.

Facts About Jayme

When did you become a Christian?

When I was 6


List any special ways that the Lord

confirmed you were to go to CPCC or

how He stirred the desire within you:

There never was a question, he just told me.

I try really hard to hear God's voice every day, some things are easier to hear than others, this was one where I could almost audibly hear him. CPCC was where I belonged.


How can we pray for you?

Pray that I’m always able to follow God’s

plan in my life, no matter what happens.


What is your favorite scripture?

Isaiah 40:31 and John 14:6


What is your favorite food?



Favorite musician or group?

Third Day


What is your favorite sport?



What is your favorite candy bar?



What is one of your strengths?

My faith


What is one of your weaknesses?

My faith


What is your favorite restaurant?

Any steakhouse


What are your hobbies?

Music, bicycling, lifting weights and

spending time with my family.