Doorstep, inc.

We support this organization financially and through donations of nonperishable food, clothing, and other items. CPCC also provides volunteers for one week

each year to assist in the clothing room at the

Doorstep facility.

Current items needed at Doorstep:

Shampoo/Conditioner, Deodorant

Soap (Larger bars preferred)

Toothpaste (Larger tubes preferred)

Razors and Combs

Doorstep is open for donations

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Topeka Rescue Mission

CPCC also supports the Topeka Rescue Mission financially, which in turn provides food, shelter, clothing, training and hope to homeless and impoverished men, women and children.

We financially support Caring Pregnancy Options which offers solutions of hope to those facing an unplanned pregnancy

Caring Pregnancy Options

Members of CPCC support The Voice of

the Martyrs by volunteering their time to assist the persecuted church worldwide through prayer.

Trash Mountain Project

Loose Change to Loosen Chains

Members of CPCC support Loose Change to Loosen Change through fundraising efforts and prayer.

We financially support the Trash Mountain Project which developes Christ-centered environments for children and families living in trash dump communities worldwide.

Voice of the Martyrs

Christians for Life -

Wall of Rememberance

On Eagles Wings

Gospel for Asia

Members of CPCC support Christians for Life by volunteering their time to

the construction and maintenance of the Heart of America Memorial Wall for the Unborn in Topeka, Kansas, as well as post-abortive Bible Studies.

We financially support Gospel for Asia which is a family of believers who share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout South Asia.

We also financially support On Eagles' Wings®, a movement of Native young people that want to bring Hope to their reservations through Jesus Christ.

 Local Missions



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