Our Administrative Assistant

Facts About Lynda


When did you become a Christian?

When I was 20.


List any special ways the Lord confirmed you were to go to CPCC or stirred the desire within you:

My husband, Dan, was an Elder at NCC. After an Elder's meeting he told me of the position and shared the job description with me. We prayed over the great opportunity of my working for Tim! And, it was just one of those "perfect timing" moments when God allowed me to join the CPCC staff.


How can we pray for you?

Every day, to say words of encouragement to others and for me to continually be looking up to Jesus for guidance.


What is your favorite scripture?

Hebrews 13:6 -
"So we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?'" NIV


Favorite way to waste time?

Time is so precious, I don't want to waste a minute. But, spend it wisely enjoying His creation.


What is your favorite food?

PIZZA (meat lovers)


Favorite musician or group?

Il Divo - Andrea Borcelli - violinist David Garrett & Isaac Stern


What is your favorite sport?

Fly Fishing & baseball


What is your favorite candy bar?

Hershey's (is there any other?)


What is one of your strengths?



What is one of your weaknesses?

Talking too much


What is your favorite animal?

Dogs- (my Yellow Lab)


What is your favorite restaurant?

J. Alexander - Cheddars- Mimi's


What are your hobbies?

Being with friends, fly fishing, any fishing, bird watching.

Lynda Buchanan  Administrative Assistant  lbuchanan@centralparkcc.org

Lynda grew up in Central Topeka having attended Central Park Christian Church as a child with a school friend. She graduated from Highland Park High School and attended Washburn University where she majored in accounting. She met Dan (Danny) Buchanan, a Seaman graduate, on a blind date in May 1966, who swept her off her feet!


Danny and Lynda began attending Northland Christian Church (NCC) from the moment they met, which was a requirement from Danny's mom! Pastor Dale Thomas married them at NCC in June 1967. In September 1967 they officially joined NCC. It was on that day that Lynda made her confession of faith and was soon baptized. Dan had made his confession of faith and was baptized as a small boy in St. Joseph, Mo. He grew up knowing his Lord, so it was through Danny and his mom that Lynda's relationship with her Lord Jesus began to grow.


Lynda had a 32 year career in medical office/management and received her real estate license before joining the CPCC staff in May 2005 to help her husband part-time. She and her husband loved to go fishing - especially, fly-fishing. Lynda has many hobbies but enjoys being outdoors in the midst of God's creation the most (fly fishing!).


CPCC is truly the most gratifying work she has ever done (if you can call it work).  She loves the comradery and all of the different, unexpected situations that arise every day. She says that now as she reflects on her life she has just been "in training" for something far greater than she could ever imagine, serving Him. It is her utmost desire to be His servant knowing she can never be worthy enough to serve Him, but only by His grace.